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ОЦИФРОВАННОЕ САРАФАННОЕ РАДИО в Интернет. Как это работает? Кто и сколько с вашей помощью зарабатывает и как вы можете это изменить, просто используя любые свои ссылки в сервисе GlobaxWeb.


Briefly about the benefits

  • By shortening links to any content (videos, sites) and sharing them as usual with friends or in groups - using the GlobaxWeb Traffic Aggregator you can additionally, in the background, develop any resource you need.

  • By using third-party link shortening services, you advertise these services for free every time and bring them new customers. That is why you will not find link shortening services where there would be an affiliate program. GlobaxWeb is different.

  • The GlobaxWeb Affiliate Program is the quintessence of everything you knew about affiliate programs before. Whether active or even in the background, simply by using links, you can build your Internet business. Using third-party services - you create a business for their owners, and using GlobaxWeb you have a chance to create it for yourself.

Global Market

Billions of shortened links!

According to Google's open statistics, several billion links have been shortened in just one BitLy link shortening service. According to the BitLy service itself, in 2017 there were 32 billion of them. The income of this service alone is tens of millions of dollars a month from millions of its users.

But you've never seen ads for this and other similar services, right?
  • They are promoted for free by bloggers, including very large ones, by publishing shortened links in the description of their videos. Without hesitation. Just. Just because it's convenient. Without even suspecting that they bring large incomes to other people.

  • They are promoted for free by millions more people, including: referrals of any projects who hide their referral data, distributors of any companies and just "ordinary" people, saving text space when writing messages.


Same features + new features

In GlobaxWeb you will see exactly the same counters, graphs, conversion statistics as many link shortening services. You can connect a personal domain and much more.

  • And besides this - now all the people who follow your links, if they want to shorten their links already and after registering, will be in your partners.

  • You understood correctly. Using third-party link shortening services - you will not see these people. They will become customers of services that bypass you. Using links from GlobaxWeb - you will get a fair and unique affiliate program, including an 8-level + binary system.

Globax Web

New link properties

What is GlobaxWeb Traffic Aggregator?
  • You shorten the link to any resource, for example, to a video on Youtube and change the aggregator mode from Normal to Personal. Specify the resource you want to promote (your store, your Youtube channel, your website, referral link, etc.).

  • Throw this link through messengers to your friends, publish it in groups, in the description of your videos, etc. People who click on the link will also find themselves on the resource you need and watch the video.

  • Some of the visitors to your shortened link, thanks to the GlobaxWeb Traffic Aggregator, after watching the video will also be on your resource that you specified initially.

Video about GlobaxWeb

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3 easy steps


Sign up to GlobaxWeb


Shorten any links, for example, to a video on Youtube or any other site


Share them just like you did before with regular links

Do not share links, do it rarely, or want to speed up the development process?
Do you receive messages from your friends with videos and other information?

Sign up, get your referral link and share it with one or more people.

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Shorten link

Enter any link to shorten it:

For example:

Links in the system
Clicks on them

Affiliate program GlobaxWeb

If only people visit the site from your shortened links (or your referral link), who will then start already change their links and with their help (or with the help of their ref-links) they will also invite people by to the eighth level you will create a group of people from:
6 млн. 725 тыс. 600 чел.people., which you can promote your resources for free and show them your ads.

And if onlyof them need a GlobaxWeb business account, your earnings will be:
8 млн. 455 тыс. 048 dollars per day, per week, per month, per year or for a certain period *.
* Depending on the speed of creating this group of people +2690240 points into an infinite binary system.

All data is elementary mathematics for the 5th grade of primary school.
Exponentiation or geometric progression is a formula for spreading information.
Synonyms: "viral video", "word of mouth", "viral method", etc.

According to your modified links, they became interested in changing their links pers.

Further from the links of these pers. interested in pers. and you will have in the network: pers. ( X )
Further from these pers. will be interested in and your network will have: people. ( X )
Everything repeats in exactly the same way and then in your network it will be: people. ( X )
Next: pers. ( X )
Next: pers. ( X )
Next: pers. ( X )
Next: pers. ( X )
In total, from pers. by this point and by the eighth level you will have a group of people.

Detailed calculation by the mathematical formula of exponentiation:

From the first level you will earn 555 ( X buyers $)
From the second level you will earn 555 ( X customers $)
From the third level, your income will be 555 ( buyers X $)
From the fourth level, your income will be 555 ( X buyers $)
From the fifth level 555 ( buyers X $)
From the sixth 555 ( buyers X $)
From the seventh 555 ( buyers X $)
From the eighth 555 ( buyers X $)

$ - This is approximately the money that people miss out on not using shortened links from GlobaxWeb, not knowing about us and giving it to the owners using any third-party link shortening services.

You will earn every time any of these people. you will need a paid plan, costing $59 per year.

The cost of the optional paid GlobaxWeb plan is $59 per year.

With each new purchase or renewal of a paid plan for the next year, the money is automatically distributed into 9 parts and instantly withdrawn to your personal details, as well as to the details of other GlobaxWeb users who are in relationship with the buyer.

From the first level, i.e. from the so-called "personally invited" you earn $25 ($59 - $25 = $34 residual).
From the second level you earn: $3 ($34 - $3 = $31 residual).
From the third level you earn: $3 ($31 - $3 = $28 residual).
From the fourth level: $3 ($28 - $3 = $25 residual).
From level five: $3 ($25 - $3 = $22 residual).
From the sixth level: $3 ($22 - $3 = $19 residual).
From the seventh level: $3 ($19 - $3 = $16 residual).
From level 8: $5 ($16 - $5 = $11 residual).

The residual of $11 from each purchase of a paid plan is our income, from which the GlobaxWeb system automatically calculates 9 points into the Infinite Binary System.

You will also receive additional + points.
Read about the binary system and points in the FAQ.

How does the GlobaxWeb affiliate program work?

Who will understand ahead? Bloggers or you?

Almost all bloggers use link shortening services, which, apart from the very fact of shortening, which is convenient for saving text space and some statistics, do not give them anything else.

While they're minding their own business and making money from their videos, they're also making money from link shortening services, which is measured in the millions of dollars a month.

Do you think it makes sense for them to start using the GlobaxWeb service, stop free advertising and get everything the same, but much, much more?

If bloggers are the first to understand, you will be in their network. If you are the first, then the bloggers will be in yours. If bloggers learn about GlobaxWeb from you and start using shortened links or referral links, you and they will get amazing results.


They don't even need to say anything about GlobaxWeb! It is enough just to use links as they do now. From the links they will get everything the same as in any service, just now they will stop being free advertising agents and, bypassing them, will earn money for resource owners in the background.

What happens when bloggers find out about GlobaxWeb? One will connect, then some of his viewers. Next - the audience will tell other bloggers ... and .... and that's it.

This is happening right now in exactly the same way, it’s just that bloggers don’t have information about how many of their shortened links brought new customers to service owners, however, opening the description for any video of different bloggers, you will see the same link shortening services that they “suddenly” started using.


Appeal to bloggers

Many of you...

Many of you use shortened links of various services, such as Bitly, etc. Some bloggers have enough free plans, while others do not, and they buy paid ones. You put links in the description of your videos and mind your own business, releasing new videos and earning mostly from advertising.

Now imagine...

Now imagine a situation where a company, for example, Gloria Jeans, would release its own link shortening service, which is in no way inferior to Bitly, or even better. Would you use it or not? Would shortened links like already sound like an advertisement for Gloria Jeans' main site that they should pay you money for? Right? After all, people would go not only to your shortened link, but also to the Gloria Jeans website and buy something. Of course, you wouldn't post such links for free in the description of your videos, because it would be free advertising, which you are not interested in.

The situation with any...

The situation with any link shorteners is similar. Using any link shortening services - every time you advertise them for free. You do not know exactly how many people from your links went and registered in these services. You don't know how long these people have been, just like you brought them new people, how many of them brought them back, and so on. All this passes and passed by you. Even if only a few people have learned and registered from you, in your entire history of blogging, at the end it will be a huge, hourly increasing snowball of people. If only a few percent of them use the paid features of the services - it is with your help that the services earn millions of dollars, most of which could be earned by you.

Using the GlobaxWeb service...

Using the GlobaxWeb link shortening service, it's not too late for you to start doing this. You can also use the service for free and shorten a few links - check out GlobaxWeb in action. You can shorten any links, including links already shortened in other services, if you use them.

Plans GlobaxWeb

The tables show the main differences in tariffs.

The free plan has no time limits.

You can buy the service for 1, 2 or 3 years.

If the paid tariff is not renewed for the next year / years, all shortened links continue to work in the same mode, except for the aggregator.

$ 0 / always
  • Up to 5 shortened links
  • Click stats: 2 days
  • QR codes for links: Yes
  • Connection of personal domains: up to 2
  • Aggregator (the ability to promote your resource): demo mode (10 transitions)
  • Remembering the Cookies of referral data for the site when clicking on shortened links: No
  • Affiliate program: 1 level
  • Points accumulation: No
  • Cell in binary system: No
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2617 РУБ. / на 5 мес.
  • Безлимит сокращённых ссылок
  • Статистика переходов: 90 суток
  • QR-коды для ссылок: Да
  • Подключение личных доменов: до 30-ти
  • Агрегатор (возможность раскручивать свой ресурс): Безлимит
  • Запоминание Кук реф-данных для сайта при переходах по сокращённым ссылкам: Да
  • Партнёрская программа: 8 уровней
  • Накопление баллов: Да
  • Ячейка в бинарной системе: Да
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3754 РУБ. / в год
  • Безлимит сокращённых ссылок
  • Статистика переходов: 90 суток
  • QR-коды для ссылок: Да
  • Подключение личных доменов: до 30-ти
  • Агрегатор (возможность раскручивать свой ресурс): Безлимит
  • Запоминание Кук реф-данных для сайта при переходах по сокращённым ссылкам: Да
  • Партнёрская программа: 8 уровней
  • Накопление баллов: Да
  • Ячейка в бинарной системе: Да
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Find out more

New link properties
Now you can endow any links with new properties without affecting their basic purpose of redirecting people from resource A to resource B.
By changing any link with GlobaxWeb, you get a link, sharing which you will earn more than if you shared a regular link.
With shortened links in GlobaxWeb, you get exactly the same basic function of redirecting people from resource A to resource B as regular links, but apart from this:
QR codes, counters, graphs and detailed conversion statistics, including country, browser, device, and other information.
The ability to create a business without doing anything new for it.
The ability to promote any resource you need, business, search for like-minded people, partners, increase video views, subscribers, etc., without doing anything new for this.
Super links
Modifying any links using GlobaxWeb, you get the same links, but with additional properties, the main of which are:
For each link, you can set another link to which visitors will be redirected if they want to return by clicking on the "Back" button in the browser (does not work in all browsers) or by clicking on the link button (works in all browsers).
By directing this traffic to the resources you need, you will automatically receive the benefits you need outside of GlobaxWeb. For example: you can promote videos, get viewers and subscribers, earn money, find clients, partners, buyers, etc.
If you do not have the resource you need for promotion - by default and under the same conditions, visitors will return to the site with your referral login.
Upon registration, these people will become your partners and will be in your first level. Their shortened links will also bring people's traffic to their own and to your common multi-level network with them.
Using the links changed in GlobaxWeb, in addition to statistics and convenience, you will receive traffic that you always missed before.
This traffic will generate income for you from internal purchases in a multi-level structure, in particular, from purchases of GlobaxWeb Business Accounts, and on this you can automatically create a business inside GlobaxWeb.
All visitors to shortened links from GlobaxWeb are remembered by the system and, if they want to shorten their links or register, they are directed to your GlobaxWeb network. As a result, with the help of the multi-level (8 levels) + Infinite binary structuring algorithm implemented in GlobaxWeb, similar to the algorithms of modern media networks, you get flows of people into your network that are no longer connected with your links or with you.

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